What We Offer

Endurama has spent the last 6 years searching for the best enduro race spots around Spain, from the very south to the very north, we have found the perfect mountain bike trails, and thanks to the local riding scene and their support, we are able to offer them to everyone.

The time has come to enjoy these trails the way you want and without the need of a stopwatch!

We have been organizing enduro races since 2015, with over 40 event days organized, including the world’s first UCI E-bike race. As riders and race organizers we understand the trails you want to ride, and depending on skill level and group size we will plan to maximise your experience with us.



San Martin de Valdeiglesias
La Adrada
El Real de San Vicente
Cadafaz (Portugal)


La Pinilla (subject to opening)
Bagneres de Luchon
Fabian Bike Par
Le Mourtis



Available for enduro, Ebike or Gravel

Friday – La Adrada
Saturday – San Martin de Valdeiglesias
Sunday – La Jarosa


Available for enduro, Ebike or Gravel

Villanueva del Rosario


Available for Enduro, DH and Ebikes

Friday- La Pinilla (SP)
Saturday – Bagneres de Luchon (FR)
Sunday – Loudenville (FR)

Possibility of making the trip longer in: Le Mourtis, Frontignes, Fabian

What to expect on our long weekend tours

A selection of the best MTB destinations in which Endurama has tested and ridden, you will be accompanied with a guide so we can adapt your level of riding to the experience. In some selected locations we will have uplifts and in others we will not, but we always guarantee more downhill riding than up, usually around 5 to 6 hours of fantastic riding each day.

In each location we have collaborated with the locals to help maximize the experience, plan the best trails, and to prepare for the Endurama races.

When staying over we aim to collaborate and support the local trade. Many of the places we visit are known as “deserted Spain”, a rural Spain that unfortunately is being driven into deprivation, but thanks to the growth of the mountain bike community we are able to offer our contribution.


Fancy something different? Would you like to enjoy Endurama holidays in a unique and exciting way? Well, thanks to our collaboration with “Van You” you can enjoy an even greater experience, how? well, traveling with a fully equipped camper van, where you can store your bikes, sleep, and stay warm with on-board heating… what more could you ask for.. good riding? We got that covered!

What each trip includes

  • Transfers from and to Madrid airport
  • Daily transfers to riding destinations
  • Experienced guide
  • Uplifts
  • Hotels with breakfast included